August 9, 2016

How to

How to Do it

Do you know that most of the body toxins are eliminated from your body through your skin? What if your skin gradually slows down on this process and ultimately loses this ability? This means an alarming health situation, therefore, it is important to incorporate techniques like dry brushing in your daily routine which will ensure that pores of your body are unclogged and the toxins keep coming out of your body through them. Following are the simple steps of dry brushing which will help you in learning and with time becoming a pro at it:

  1. Get your hands on a natural (not synthetic brush) with a long handle so that reaching all parts of your body is easy. The long handle will especially help in brushing your back which otherwise will be a hassle to reach.
  2. After taking off your clothes, it is better to stand in the bathtub or in the shower to catch the drying skin.
  3. Remember that you always have to brush towards your heart. Start from your legs and slowly go in the upward direction. All the strokes must reach your heart because that is very important.
  4. You have to brush several times on a single area because overlapping is necessary for this.
  5. It is important to take care of all the sensitive areas like your breasts. With continual dry brushing, these areas will become less sensitive over time.
  6. After doing so, jump in the shower. It is better to alternate between hot water and cold water because this helps in stimulation of the blood bringing more blood to the top layers of the skin.
  7. After the shower, thoroughly dry each and every part of the skin. Afterward, you can apply any fruit oil like rose hip oil or coconut oil on your entire body.
  8. Keep repeating all of the above every day and if one wants to obtain the desired results sooner then they must try it twice every day. The brush should be washed thoroughly with water and soup every week and must be dried in a sunny spot. This will ensure that there is no mildew accommodation in the brush. The results will be in front of your eyes just after 30 days.