September 3, 2016


The benefits of dry skin brushing are beyond the outside of your body. These benefits penetrate your skin and affect your health in the most wondrous way. Following are some of the key benefits of dry brushing that are hard to miss:

  1. Unclogging the pores of the skin:

The unclogging of the pores leads to the skin absorbing more of nutrients which results in a healthier skin.


  1. Stimulating the lymphatic system:

Your lymphatic system is basically responsible to take out all the waste and toxins from your cells and tissues and take it to the blood so that it oozes out of your body. If this lymphatic system is not effective, you will eventually become sick because of the toxic accumulation in your body. Dry skin brushing stimulates this system and aids in the removal of all the toxins.


  1. Exfoliating dead skin:

Your skin will start breathing again because dry skin brushing leads to the removal of all the dry skin from your body.


  1. Increase blood circulation:

Efficient blood circulation means that blood reaches all parts of your body carrying all the oxygen to the cells and brings back the toxins from them. This process becomes more efficient because of dry brushing.


  1. Reduce cellulite:

Cellulite is the toxic materials that get accumulated in the cells of your body and does not come out simply. Dry brushing helps in breaking them and getting them out of your body through the usual elimination channels.


  1. Improve digestion and kidney function:

The body sheds all the excess water and toxins reducing the bloating of your body and aiding the process of digestion and helping the kidney to throw toxic materials out of your body.


  1. Relief all the stress:

This act is equal to meditation and thus all the unnecessary stress from your body will be released. Your muscles will relax which will result in your mind to calm down.


  1. Refreshing:

Dry brushing can also be addicting because the session always results in making the person feel good about her body and herself as well.